The border effect in frequency signal processing and the phase measurement with arbitrary frequency relationship

Based on the achievement of phase coincidence detection, the processing and elimination of quantization error is possible in digital frequency measurement. Because of the limited resolution of phase detection, a fuzzy area is to be formed. The higher precision can be obtained using the border stability of fuzzy areas. The decisive factor of the actual precision is the resolution stability of the border of fuzzy area, called the border effect. Therefore, utilizing the circuit with ns resolution one can obtain ps level or higher precision.

On the basis of improving measuring resolution significantly and the phase variation regularity of periodic signals, through the frequency measurement with phase continuous, the measured frequency signal is compared with its theoretical nominal frequency by multiple periods and with measuring gate time one by one. Eventually, the measurement of phase variation of any wmeasuredsignal in a ide frequency range can be realized. Compared with other measurement techniques and instruments it is a great advancement. Because of the phase information is obtained for the different even very complicated frequency signals, higher frequency measurement precision can be realized without any frequency transformation. It is possible to realize higher measurement and control precision.