The LISS—A Public Database of Common Imaging Signs of Lung Diseases for Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis Research and Medical Education

Lung computed tomography (CT) imaging signs play important roles in the diagnosis of lung diseases. In this paper, we review the significance of CT imaging signs in disease diagnosis and determine the inclusion criterion of CT scans and CT imaging signs of our database. We develop the software of abnormal regions annotation and design the storage scheme of CT images and annotation data. Then, we present a publicly available database of lung CT imaging signs, called LISS for short, which contains 271 CT scans and 677 abnormal regions in them.

The 677 abnormal regions are divided into nine categories of common CT imaging signs of lung disease (CISLs). The ground truth of these CISLs regions and the corresponding categories are provided. Furthermore, to make the database publicly available, all private data in CT scans are eliminated or replaced with provisioned values. The main characteristic of our LISS database is that it is developed from a new perspective of CT imaging signs of lung diseases instead of commonly considered lung nodules. Thus, it is promising to apply to computer-aided detection and diagnosis research and medical education.