Video Processing Matlab

Video processing based concepts are implemented using Matlab simulation tool. Matlab has several built-in functions which will support to develop video processing concepts in an effective manner.


Steps Involved in Video Processing Matlab Projects:

Step1: Video processing technology should play an important role to uprising the world of multimedia with products like DVD, HDTV, DSS and video cameras.

Step2 : Video is a rich information source.

Step3: Video retrieval is used to retrieve videos according to the user queries (text, image, video).

Step4: Video can be accessed at two levels such as structure level and content level.


Video Processing Matlab Projects

Areas of Video Processing Matlab:

1.Video Indexing

2.Video Segmentation

3.Video Compression

4.Video tracking


Applications of Video Processing Matlab Projects:

1.Remote Accessing

2.Color Detection and Tracking

3.Playing Games

4.Making Static Shape & Dynamic Shape

5.Video Summarization

Video Analysis Techniques:

  • Motion tracking
  • Motion Interpretation
  • Motion Segmentation